Lea Michelle Group Instructor

Currently hosting Stretch and Praise classes
Sunday @ 10 A.M.
Saturday @ 9 A.M.

Lea Michelle Johnson is a wife and mother of two young children. She is an Author, Life Coach and Evangelist. She has committed her life to sharing the good news and evangelizing! She is known for her devotional series called, Finding Christ Through Social Media. This was her for steps in beginning a life long commitment to walking with God. She believes in the importance of strengthening our temples and bodies so that the Lord can work more affectively through us (His children). This is why she has created Stretch N Praise. Stretch N Praise works to share the importance of stretching our bodies while pairing these strengthening moves with biblical concepts, prayer, fellowship and faith inspired music. All are welcome to come and try out our classes. 

* B.A. in Communication Studies from The University of Iowa. 

* Minor in Journalism from The University of Iowa

* Trained in Dance & Movement at The University of Iowa

* Ordained Minister from The National Association of     

  Christian Ministers.

* Certified Life Coach from New Skills Academy.

 * CPR certified through The American Red Cross.  

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